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He is a young 22-year-old griffon, he lived in Griffonstone but he is not always seen there, since he travels very often, he loves his laptop, eating ice cream, Christmas and milkshakes. But what he likes most is that, during the snow season, he plays jokes surprising everyone who sees, taking advantage of his mimicry in the snow, thanks to his pale plumage and fur. Ironically, and being four years younger than him, Grant don't like his jokes so much, because he interrupts him in his photo shoots as a model, even though Gary is exaggeratedly prankster, somewhat lazy and childish, he is also intelligent as to plan his pranks and lends a claw to others who need support.

Ful Name: Gary Glacius

Personality: Funfilled, (Sometimes) Harsh, Innocent, Hyperactive, Intelligent, Optimistic, (a little) Childish, Solidary

Age: 22 years old

Best Friends (Perfect Compatibility): Sir Hyper Wing, Grant (Somewhat), Kenji, Fried Egg, Jikan, Morning Forest, Cyrax, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Gilda, Gabby

Worst Friends (Enemies): <<Coming Soon>>

House: Griffonstone (formerly), Unknown

Abilities: Flight, Snow Camouflage, Quick Planning, Intelligence, Sense of Taste, Keen Eye, Strong Vice

Favorite Character (real or ficticional): Jack Frost from Rise Of The Guardians

Likes: Milkshakes, Ice Cream, Snow, Playing Pranks, Cold Weather, Rock Music, Penguins, Christmas

Dislikes: Global Warming, Chilli Peppers, Heat Weather, Grant's lack of humor, Gilda's Bad Temper, Bad Movies


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