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edited out original audio for higher quality
safe1753006 artist:brian regan3 artist:deadlycomics53 edit136042 apple bloom51068 cheerilee10146 scootaloo51961 sweetie belle49766 twist2901 oc713062 unnamed oc1894 earth pony266909 moose160 pegasus310042 pony1012721 unicorn343302 2016418 4k1975 absurd file size1262 angry28131 animated100981 annoyed5607 answering2 asking60 big mouth25 bipedal36247 box4832 boxen1 brian regan10 caption22092 cart1422 chalkboard2938 classroom1684 day1490 definition19 desk3407 dialogue68149 disappointed514 donut2114 english1003 female1404046 filly69794 floppy ears54658 foal15759 food73115 forest10579 frame by frame4152 freaking out59 grammar73 grin41086 gritted teeth13276 holding head2662 indoors3442 insanity2666 insult388 irl71739 laughing8313 mare503284 moosen3 photo81601 plural4 pupil2 pupils35 raised hoof48509 raised leg8091 school1835 school desk58 shaking1484 shocked7266 sitting65684 smiling261787 snapping24 sound9497 stand-up comedy131 standing12945 startled449 table9533 talking6192 webm14412 wide eyes17418 wingless4625 yelling3203 youtube2318


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