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Princess of Equality

If I had the talent or drive to write, I’d totally write a story about OG Glim taking over Equestria.
safe (1526338) artist:litrojia (65) starlight glimmer (41523) alicorn (184723) pony (801261) abstract background (10929) alicornified (4239) cheek fluff (3946) chest fluff (30088) equal sign (140) female (851161) lidded eyes (23113) mare (389863) race swap (12034) raised hoof (36661) s5 starlight (1381) smiling (203253) solo (939557) spread wings (45486) starlicorn (328) this will end in communism (169) wings (66086) xk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2182)


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Background Pony #C41F
Discord: You power hungry unicorn!
Starlight: You are already dead.
Discord: WHAT?
Starlight: HADOUKEN!!