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The ending of the end part 5.

The final battle for Equestria! With our mane six having help from their friends from all races of Equestria, a last race has join the battle!
The hybrids and their Crimson Legion strike with such fury and power that even Lila join the fight against the 3 villains!
safe1552639 artist:nephilim rider206 amethyst star2243 applejack157052 chancellor neighsay574 cozy glow5645 flam2001 flim2125 fluttershy195551 gallus5619 lemon hearts1874 lord tirek4630 lyra heartstrings27475 minuette5309 night light1939 ocellus4376 party favor1418 pharynx853 pinkie pie201162 prince rutherford674 queen chrysalis31859 rainbow dash216951 rarity167718 sandbar4537 seaspray151 silverstream5151 smolder6394 sparkler2093 spike74006 sunburst5663 tempest shadow15066 terramar647 thorax3941 trixie60978 twilight sparkle279013 twilight velvet3743 yona4349 oc592208 oc:heaven lost178 oc:hera spellstrike10 oc:lila lovely14 oc:sparkbolt12 alicorn190506 changedling7084 changeling38935 dragon46443 the ending of the end1983 mane six28856 prince pharynx605 student six1399 traditional art107537 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113572 winged spike6994


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