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Discord sat on the floor of Fluttershy's cottage. It was the early evening and this was their weekly scheduled roleplaying night. They often had other sessions during the week but those were more spontaneous events. But Wednesday evening was set aside for just this.

Part of their routine was that they would switch who got to choose what the theme of the evening and who would be calling shots. The chiffon yellow mare had gone upstairs about 10 minutes ago to 'get some things'. Before she'd left the pegasus had told the Lord of Chaos to stay where he was. So Discord sat and cooled his heels.

Finally there was the sound of the mare descending from upstairs. Strolling into the living room the Element of Kindness was now where a very snug, red leotard-type garment with a short, bolero type jacket over it. Both garments had white trim on their edges.

Perched on her head was a baseball style cap with a similar red and white motif. On the white face of the cap there was an embroidered emblem that appeared to be a sphere which had a red and white hemisphere. Along the equator of the emblem was a black line and a grey dot. Fluttershy had either stuffed most of her long, pink mane under the cap or had made into a roostertail by pulling it through a gap in the back of the cap.

Strapped to Flutters back was a white and black daypack with the same red and white sphere logo. Black fingerless gloves, and a black belt with the same emblem plus the mare's cutie mark rounded out her ensemble.

Discord had never seen the mare wear a cap before but he thought she looked rather cute in it. Stopping about 6 ft in front of him and twirled around. Then she looked up and smiled.

"Sooooo. Do you like my outfit for tonight?"

The draconequus nodded his head. "You look adorable dear. Forgive me if I am not familiar with what you're suppose to be?"

The mare giggled. "Oh! I'm suppose to be a character from a popular series of video games and TV series! I'm a trainer!"

"Oh… And what are you suppose to train?"

"I train monsters!" Said the mare happily.

"Really." Discord grinned. "And how do you train them?"

Fluttershy reached into an open pocket on the pack she was wearing and produced one of the red and white spheres. "With these." She said.

"And how in the world are those suppose train them with that? Throw them at the monster until they behave?"

The mare perked up. "Well actually yes! You throw the sphere at the monster and if you hit them with it they get sucked into it! More or less."

Discord was suddenly staring at the little sphere with uncertainty in his eyes. The mare noticed and smiled. "So. Uh. I need you to use your magic, or I can use the magic you granted me to um, get in this please."
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…also, in the thumbnail I thought she was handing him a golden apple.
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Background Pony #FBF0
"If I'd known she was this kinky I think I'd have stayed with one of my other crazy girlfriends."
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