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Two ponies commando (aka two OCs), driving a stolen changeling PanzerKampfwagen VI Ausf B Tiger II (Königstiger).
Autumn 1016. Сolorized.

Was used:
Paint tool SAI 2

Hearth of Iron 4: Equestria at war (mod)
MLP:FiM © Hasbro
safe (1501138) artist:richmay (31) oc (566209) oc:anja snow (2) oc:sunrise moonshadow (6) pegasus (212562) unicorn (233310) equestria at war mod (177) army (473) cap (3325) clothes (381603) commission (45033) hat (70610) king tiger (10) military (1463) pegasus oc (1346) tank (vehicle) (1091) tiger (tank) (37) unicorn oc (809) war (1131) world war ii (537)


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