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Story by the artist:

"No sweetie, Marble can't go play today."

The sparkle in the pink filly's eyes faded slightly.

"Why? Is she sick?"

"No. She's having a bad day." Cloudy Quartz responded calmly.

"Can I make it good?"

"I don't see how you can." Her mother said, mildly irritated. "Go find Maud or Limestone and play with them okay?"

"But I wanna play with Marble!" The filly whined. "I thought twins are supposed to do everything together!"

Cloudy sighed. "No, Pinkie. Sometimes you have to give your sister time."


"Pinkamena. I said no."

"Why not?"

"You're too young to understand. Just listen to me please."

"But she seems so sad… Can I make her smile?"

"Pinkie." Her mother said with warning. Pinkie appeared unfazed by this. She proceeded to inch closer to her sister.

"Heeeey Marble." Pinkie greeted cheerfully.

Marble Pie's violet eyes peered up at Pinkie from behind the curtain of dark gray hair she'd made for herself. Upon seeing a possible social encounter, tears immediately brimmed her eyes. Pinkie casually wiped the drops away when they proceeded to flow.

"Hi Marble! I'm Pinkie." She continued casually, the sight of her crying sister being of no disturbance to her chipper attitude. "Do you want to play?"

Silence was her only answer. Their mother huffed in irritation.

Slowly, the small gray filly shifted and turned away from Pinkie.

"Oh no sorry Pinkie. I need to rest today." Pinkie responded for her, her voiced changed to a much softer, less optimistic version of it.

"Well that's a shame!" Pinkie replied. "I was hoping to show you my rock collection! There's Mr. Granite Gabriel, and he's always telling the other rocks that they take him for granite!"

"Oh he's not very nice." Came a softer voice as she continued to speak for Marble.

"Yep but he can be nice if he wants to sometimes!" Pinkie said in her usual voice. "I even found a teeny tiny diamond! Her name is Miss Posh Luxury. She's always under a lot of pressure from being the only diamond."

A quiet giggle sounded. Pinkie grinned.

"Then! Then! There's Boulder's cousin. His name is Rock! Earlier today, he met Miss Posh Luxury and wished how he is much boulder to tell her he likes her!" The pink filly said with a giggle of her own.

Marble gave a small laugh and turned to face Pinkie.

"You're funny." Marble commented quietly.

"Really?" Pinkie said in excitement, thrilled to have dragged out a few words from her usually inaudible sister.

"Mmhm." The younger filly confirmed.

Thrilled, Pinkie hopped around a few times before settling down again.

"Am I Am I???" She asked again.

Marble smiled and nodded.

"Aww thank you Marble! You're the greatest ever!" Pinkie practically squealed. She booped her sister's nose.

"Thennnn there's-"

"That's enough, Pinkie." Cloudy Quartz interrupted, her voice a touch kinder than earlier. A small smile graced her aging features. "Let her rest now, okay? Look, she's smiling now. So it's okay. You can leave."

Pinkie paused and looked at her sister. Marble smiled and nodded. Satisfied, Pinkie gave her a grin so wide it reached her ears.

"Keep smiling, okay?! We'll play another time!"


Post-meltdown selective mute Marble
She needed some alone time.
Pinkie doesn't understand, but she tries her best.

At times, trying is more than enough

P.s, I tried to keep the writing short and simple so it's easier to read. I hope the story got across to everyone!
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