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Special thank to :iconzutheskunk:

With special guest, Milky way!

Now that my job is doing okay I figured I might need an extra hoof, and that's when I found the right mare for the job and her hardworking experience!

Milky Way vector used: >>272482
safe1598083 artist:harmonystarmlp5 artist:zutheskunk oc commissions42 oc615329 oc only411919 oc:harmony star406 oc:milky way2086 alicorn202171 earth pony210036 pony867479 alicorn oc23064 bowtie9009 canterlot5286 clothes418850 commission56296 female1271108 food62943 hat78185 ice cream4638 ice cream cone519 ice cream truck29 male337785 mare431625 milk3947 raised hoof39963 speech3037 stallion95628 style emulation3688 uniform9579 working653


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