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Special thank to :iconzutheskunk:

With special guest, Milky way!

Now that my job is doing okay I figured I might need an extra hoof, and that's when I found the right mare for the job and her hardworking experience!

Milky Way vector used: >>272482
safe1587480 artist:harmonystarmlp5 artist:zutheskunk oc commissions42 oc609817 oc only409501 oc:harmony star405 oc:milky way2087 alicorn199796 earth pony206167 pony857618 alicorn oc22745 bowtie8812 canterlot5190 clothes415190 commission55108 female1227930 food62270 hat77318 ice cream4612 ice cream cone511 ice cream truck25 male331065 mare427424 milk3881 raised hoof39481 speech3026 stallion94487 style emulation3679 uniform9481 working649


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