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managed to save this glorious thing from streamingland.

reencoded from mp4 so derpibooru allows upload. tried to avoid too much quality degradation.
safe1557166 artist:offenbach1 edit114801 edited screencap54087 screencap195393 sound edit204 chancellor neighsay577 cozy glow5675 fluttershy195929 lord tirek4654 pinkie pie201546 princess celestia89092 princess luna93196 queen chrysalis31929 starlight glimmer43063 twilight sparkle280062 alicorn191379 pegasus233067 pony828340 unicorn258433 frenemies (episode)1415 school raze2135 the ending of the end1989 alicornified4411 animated91084 can can19 chinese2520 cozycorn397 evil laugh375 happy27140 laughing6986 orpheus in the underworld1 race swap12318 screaming2898 sound6488 webm9723 youtube poop356


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Background Pony #7C91
time traveler shows Jacques Offenbach this video after he writes the Can-Can tune
Offenbach: What nightmare have I unleashed upon the world!