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safe1588519 artist:miokomata686 oc610553 oc only409831 oc:mio24 alicorn200028 pegasus248074 pony860294 alcohol6195 alicorn oc22778 chest fluff33120 colored sclera570 cute181601 cute little fangs1773 draw 2515 duo50773 fangs21896 female1228801 floppy ears46646 food62342 freckles25431 looking at you148125 male331418 mare427817 meme79056 pink background2401 red and black oc1519 red eyes5253 self deprecation139 simple background349919 stallion94610 tea2858 underhoof46880 uno69


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3 comments posted
Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Emily Brickenbrackle III
The look on her face in the last panel is great xD .

"So how strong is this Twisted Tea stuff again? 5.0 or some shit? I've had, like, nine of them. Whatever, guess I'll draw cards until I'm dead."