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Commission for @DaveMan1K
suggestive173163 artist:anthroponiessfm1955 cozy glow8781 diamond tiara11193 silver spoon7115 earth pony362215 pegasus407377 anthro316100 3d104203 absolute cleavage4728 ass68996 belly button95828 big breasts107057 braided ponytail442 braless1358 breasts343674 busty cozy glow133 busty diamond tiara518 busty silver spoon331 butt179405 cleavage41024 clothes559865 commissioner:daveman100027 cozy glutes232 female1604808 females only15148 freckles36552 glasses77495 implied tail hole1025 looking at you217412 looking back74175 miniskirt5769 older34190 older cozy glow470 older diamond tiara991 older silver spoon788 open mouth198133 plaid skirt725 pleated skirt4299 roleplay in the comments58 school2078 school uniform8416 schoolgirl2072 sexy38074 shirt32515 skirt48064 skirt lift5163 skirt pull476 source filmmaker59256 spread wings75573 stupid sexy cozy glow40 stupid sexy diamond tiara81 stupid sexy silver spoon35 thighs22427 trio17707 trio female3799 wings175427


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Background Pony #6F05
Silver spoons the least sexy 2nd sexiest is diamond tiara sexiest is cozy the glow
Background Pony #BEB6
You know, an aged-up Flurry Heart would go well with this picture, am I right?
Background Pony #5482
@Brass Melody  
Cozy: Awww, weawwy? Well, I suppose I could forgive you…!  
Diamond: What a minute, “spoiled princess”?  
Silver: “Brown noser”?  
Cozy: Sowwy, giwls! But, don’t worry! I’ll let you two have a turn, after me!  
Silver and Diamond: Grrr, we guess!  
Cozy: If that’s awwight with you, Bwassy!
Background Pony #5482
@Brass Melody  
Cozy: Aaawww, why not start with widdle ol’ me, big boy? I mean, sure I bite, but you don’t want Cozy-wozy to feel all saddy-waddy now, do you?