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Favorite MLP FIM Character Bingo. If you have bingo, let me know what your favorite characters are.
safe (1523303) auntie applesauce (262) big macintosh (26329) cookie crumbles (841) daybreaker (2313) lord tirek (4499) marble pie (5938) mistmane (627) moondancer (4139) ms. harshwhinny (2151) pear butter (2235) pharynx (825) princess cadance (29589) princess ember (5534) rockhoof (941) sandbar (4350) sapphire shores (967) shining armor (21160) stormy flare (193) sugar belle (2575) sunburst (5447) twilight sparkle (274419) twilight velvet (3617) yona (4192) zecora (8547) alicorn (183976) changedling (6802) changeling (37433) bingo (194) meme (76631) prince pharynx (593) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (111084)


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General Nekora

Who called in the fleet?
Ember: outside in look on pony life and points out how weird it can be. example being the name thing with Glim-glam

Twiggles: cute n loveable dork from start to end. now just with added feathers

Zecora: witch doctor zebra with a mohawk that only speak in rhyme. what isnt awesome?!

Shinging: bland when first introduced by truely shines when alowed to be just as much a dork as Twiggles. add dad/brother jokes or sister/brother interaction and you have a good time

Free space: is free space

Daybreaker: odd name aside was an awesome and frightening one off antagonist. also serves as a good base for a full power Sun-butt. looks awesome too

Tirek: the twilight fight. just that made him one of my fave vilians. cool voice too

Mac: Chill as an iceberg and just loks to spend time with family and friends while till keeping food in the fridge. he is content where he is

Sunburst: Another adorable nerdy dork. always a joy to have one on screan
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
Artist -

In love with a Rare mare

Shining Armor — Really grew on me after the birth of Flurry Heart when he was allowed to have an actual personality.
Pharynx — Best male changeling. The true bridge between Chrysalis' hive and Thorax's hive.
Marble — Just a cutie.
Daybreaker — Most interesting one-off antagonist. Wish her appearance could have been more than just in Starlight's dreamscape.