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I'm aware Flurry is missing her tail lol
Also I ship this
safe1577272 artist:katsuforov-chan11 artist:shiiazu81 luster dawn947 princess flurry heart6267 alicorn195617 pony847074 unicorn266888 the last problem4151 blushing176083 colored pupils8801 colored wings5020 couple4616 cutie mark40800 digital art11941 duo49464 duo female7638 ear fluff23446 female900672 flurrydawn5 glasses54996 gradient mane723 gradient wings475 jewelry51067 lesbian92279 looking at each other16469 mare416241 no tail1206 older23055 older flurry heart955 peytral2627 ponytail15637 regalia16344 shipping184206 signature18940 simple background346174 transparent background179837 wings76359


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