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The Sketch process for this piece was very extensive and rather arduous, but not in a bad way. I was originally dreading it, being very unsure about the overall result and if it was going to turn up ok, and a long list of etceteras that I'd rather skip for you guys.
In the end, I was super glad this was a commission because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to finish it. Towards the end I entered in what I call "scribbling myself 'til I die" stage, where all I do is scribble details here and there in an attempt to reach that so miscalled "perfection". I have to internalize that, once the shading of a piece is set, there's little that can be done to fix whatever mistakes have been left behind in prior steps.

It was a fun and rather introspective piece to work on, and in the process I've polished a couple of tricks here and there, which means I've gotten a little bit better at being a filthy cheater and a total hack, hehehehe.

I've been sharing the WiPs for this piece over the past couple of days, so if you want a more detailed look at the process you can check the older posts on my Tumblr blog.
safe (1523933) artist:jamescorck (1012) big macintosh (26332) king sombra (12315) rockhoof (941) shining armor (21172) trouble shoes (1014) earth pony (179894) pony (798870) unicorn (243676) armor (20704) black dragons (warhammer) (1) blaze (coat marking) (756) bolter (211) braid (4543) braided beard (18) chainsword (109) deathwatch (9) drop pod (14) facial hair (4592) gun (13537) iron hands (11) lamenters (2) librarian (warhammer) (1) magic (62655) male (288851) moustache (2687) plasma gun (46) power armor (1096) space marine (525) space wolves (26) stallion (86376) sword (10212) techmarine (7) ultramarine (107) warhammer (game) (1994) warhammer 40k (1932) weapon (25527)


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Starlight: For those who aren't familiar with the Space Marines of Warmace 30k, just imagine if Bulk Biceps ate Big the Cat and then covered themselves in an H1 Hummer. We're talking 2 hearts the size of turkeys, 4 lungs, 6 stomachs! Night vision! We're talking 10 feet tall, 3 ton, monsters.
Background Pony #7043
I love the theme of "biggest males in mlp" because all these characters are just…huge!