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Emo Clothes Art Challenge
So my girlfriend over on IG had this art challenge where you had to google "emo [number of followers you have] outfit and draw your OC in it, so i did just that!

Sorry i have been so inactive, life has just gotten very draining and difficult as of late so i haven't had much time to draw, hoping i'll get back into the swing of things soon though!

To see the original clothes, check out my twitter post and also if you'd like to just see this on Newgrounds, link is right here

Thank you for looking at my art, hope i can get back to doing more for you all!
suggestive (122875) artist:acrylicbristle (22) oc (575493) oc:acrylic bristle (23) anthro (219707) unicorn (244818) anthro oc (27286) armpits (40006) big breasts (64177) big titty goth gf (23) breasts (226962) chubby (12190) cleavage (29590) clothes (389243) crotch bulge (3837) curvy (5456) emo (665) fat (19049) flannel (242) intersex (37510) lipstick (9025) long hair (3120) male to female (825) plaid skirt (534) pleated skirt (3870) rule 63 (24364) shoes (27738) signature (17603) simple background (326078) skirt (34079) solo (939649) tanktop (6369) thick (3268) transgender (1406)


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1 comment posted
Urmi Charpstin

Faithful Butler
Nice work. I like the dress, shoes and bag quite a bit. As well as the dynamic pose and simple sketchy background. Keep up the good work!