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Seeing all the irrational hate piling on the YouTube content like Hello Pinkie and Pony Life, I needed to vent.
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Background Pony #4583
Lauren had no input on the series beyond Season 2, and she actively tries to avoid any and all info from the later seven seasons.
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@Background Pony #FD06
I thought her words were girls and their parents, not kids (but that's semantics, really—but girls are still the target audience). She did know boys would like it, but I'm pretty sure no one thought single dudes in their late 20s-30s would become obsessed with it to the point of completely ignoring the lessons and do the opposite.
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@Background Pony #F7F6
Lauren Faust designed the show so that it would be enjoyed by both the kids and their parents. She hated the excuse "it's for little girls" which is ironic because its what the new writers proclaim whenever somebody criticizes them.
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Background Pony #D8C9
I do think all this hate is irrational (like the description here describes), of course; fans are the worst in everything, especially the ones that decide to give themselves a label to make them feel elitist.
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Background Pony #D8C9
Who decided on that? Please don't turn this into Fame and Misfortune and mention things that have nothing to do with anything, make things up and misrepresent what we all saw.

@Background Pony #1132
Yeah, and since that was Lauren Faust wanted, I'm not sure what the crying is about. What—it didn't meat someone's hyper-specific expectations/favorite fanfic/hive-mind headcanon blown out of proportion?
Background Pony #D8C9
One of Faust's ideas was Apple Bumping, where Earth ponies would smash their heads on trees instead of kicking it.
I think seeing her as the grand ruler is pretty dumb.
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Background Pony #D8C9
Kinda like half of your friends and even you yourself.
And it's not like all of her ideas were good.
You're raging at literally nothing.
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Background Pony #39A4
Whenever I hear or read 'irrational hate', I feel like the ones saying that are irrational.
Of course I'm studying psychology. How could you tell?
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Background Pony #FC5C
@northern haste
Technically she was.

Creating Rarity was a side-step to avoid applying some Hasbro mandate to one of the other five characters Faust had already made. So while she didn't originally intend to make, she created Rarity and made her how she wanted her on her own terms even if her arm was twisted a little.
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