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Since I ship Barley n' Scootaloo, might as well draw something for the two of them.If you don't know who Barley is, she's from Rainbow Roadtrip: It's nothing special, just something love-y. I like to think that Barley may have started to like Scootaloo after they bonded about how much they like Rainbow Dash. I think they'd get along really well, especially with their tomboy-ish attitudes and admiration for Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo would also probably help Barley get her cutie mark and, even though Scootaloo will never be able to fly, maybe Barley likes to carry her when she flies. I dunno, I just really think they'd be cute together. Hope you guys like the drawing.
safe1557165 artist:awoomarblesoda137 barley barrel160 scootaloo48858 pegasus233067 pony828339 rainbow roadtrip1239 barleyloo1 chest fluff31612 dawwww412 duo48063 eye clipping through hair3976 female881412 filly58462 heart42518 lesbian91381 looking at each other15843 pink background2174 shipping181724 simple background338477 sitting53924


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This is a really interesting ship that i actually like it. I think it’s better than barrelcest.