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A ponification of a popular meme. Idea suggested by Magello. Thanks to Julunis14 for suggestions re. the picture.

A meme template for you to use don't post it on DeviantArt tho, please.
safe1577128 artist:pony-berserker630 angel bunny9385 discord28718 fluttershy197969 rainbow dash219545 draconequus9040 pegasus240115 pony846968 rabbit4458 animal3371 carrot1908 crying40198 female900586 folded wings4612 food60947 hand7783 i can't believe it's not idw384 meme78680 offscreen character29513 open mouth123333 ponified meme659 spread wings47890 table8207 teary eyes3305 underhoof46921 wings76329 woman yelling at a cat49


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