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safe1574872 artist:gibina4ever6 apple bloom46538 autumn blaze3294 babs seed5628 button mash3785 derpy hooves48236 dinky hooves4252 doctor whooves10082 gallus5804 hoo'far461 king sombra12681 pharynx862 pipsqueak2708 princess luna93961 rumble3800 scootaloo49170 smolder6587 snips3997 starlight glimmer43839 sunburst5814 sweetie belle46645 tender taps656 time turner10067 tree hugger2649 trixie62096 zephyr breeze2096 changedling7254 changeling40076 earth pony198769 pegasus239379 pony845217 unicorn265899 growing up is hard to do1002 bips43 dinkysqueak89 doctorderpy1405 female898643 hoo'blaze13 horn43192 lumbra286 male305294 mare415181 older22999 older apple bloom1619 older babs seed168 older button mash151 older dinky hooves85 older pipsqueak56 older rumble105 older scootaloo1639 older snips89 older sweetie belle1787 phartrix34 prince pharynx614 rumbloo482 shipping183924 smollus47 stallion92604 starburst1019 straight121650 sweetiemash577 tenderbloom217 wall of tags2310 wings75877 zephyrhugger52


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Background Pony #F1C6
Super radical that you should be in the featured groups in the lunbra group: