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safe (1521820) artist:pia-sama (1394) rarity (164933) spike (72423) anthro (218804) dragon (44389) unicorn (242606) barb (1477) barity (31) box of chocolates (135) breasts (225388) busty barb (480) busty rarity (10380) clothes (387252) dragoness (6191) female (846064) half r63 shipping (1575) holiday (15327) lesbian (88934) rule 63 (24305) school uniform (6408) shipping (176807) sparity (6188) u.a. high school uniform (8) valentine's day (3063)


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16 comments posted
Artist -

Changeling King
Actually there is one lesbian ship that I like and that's lyrabon. I never intended to disrespect lesbian ship by writing that comment. I will be a little more respectful to lesbian ships from here on out.
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Wallet After Summer Sale -

Loving these pics you've been doing with Barb and Rarity. Though if I did have a suggestion, maybe her arm would be better posed in another way? It seems somewhat stiff. Not a big deal at all but just an idea
Artist -

Changeling King
Barb: Spike wanted me to give this to you. I know he's out with twilight somewhere he said he should be back by this evening.
Rarity: It's alright darling I'm in no rush. I'll be expecting spike to be here tonight. Everything going well with elusive?
Barb: Yes. Everything's going well with him. I already sent him a box of chocolates to and he loved it!
Background Pony #E0C8
I'm guessing it's one where Spike was always female. If Spike canonically wore clothes and got genderbent, I think she'd keep wearing her old guy clothes.