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What a nerve-wracking moment it was for the mare. Meeting her girlfriend's parents was hard as it was, despite them both turning out to be sweeter than honey, but meeting her adopted son would turn out to be even more terrifying. Fluttershy and Blossomforth had been dating for around 10 months now, and had agreed that they should probably stop putting off the meeting. The pair intended to spend the rest of their lives together, and Fluttershy wouldn't be able to hide Blossomforth from Gallus forever.

Quaking with anxiety, Blossomforth gently tapped on Fluttershy's door, loud enough to be heard by her but not too loud to disturb the animals. Not too long after, the door creaked open, "Oh, Blossie! Just on time," chirped Fluttershy, trying her best to be the more confident out of the two.

"I-I, er, hope you don't mind. I thought it'd be a good idea to have Sandbar over, sort of as backup I suppose," Fluttershy giggled nervously. "Come in, Gallus isn't here yet. I had him run an errand for me".

Fluttershy scooted aside to give Blossomforth enough room to enter, afterwards closing the door. She led Blossom to the sofa, where Sandbar was comfortably sat with a cup of tea. He waved cheerfully, "Hi Blossom! Come sit next to me", he padded the space beside him.

Blossomforth nodded, taking a seat.

"Honey can I get you some tea? I don't know how long Gal will be, but make yourself comfortable none the less," Fluttershy perked.

"T-tea would be.. lovely, dear.. Thank you," Blossomforth gulped as Fluttershy made her way to the kitchen.

Sandbar nudged Blossom playfully, "Hey man, I know you're a little nervous, I would be too. It might take Gally some time to get used to the idea of having a step-mum, but he'll soon warm up to yah! I promise! Once his shell's been broken down, he's a biiiIIIIIiiig softie", Sandbar chuckled.

Blossomforth chuckled back, although it was more so an anxious tick than out of joy.

Suddenly, there was a rattling at the door. Blossom felt her stomach drop and a fever come over her. This was it. She'd met Gallus before, but not as Fluttershy's girlfriend, or as his step-mother. And what had come before wasn't necessarily a proper meeting either, just a brief hello.

Gallus stepped through the open door, allowing it to close itself. The first pony he saw was his boyfriend, Sandbar, to whom he grinned at. Then, he looked across and saw Blossomforth… Hm. He recognised the pale pegasus, but couldn't recall where from.

"Hey angel!" Sandbar skipped over to Gallus, nuzzling his cheek. Gallus blushed and smirked in response, giving a wing-hug back.

"What're you doing here, Sandy?.. And.. who's she?" Gallus indicated towards Blossomforth, to which she hesitantly waved.

"Uh-" Sandbar was cut off by Fluttershy, who'd returned to the livingroom after hearing Gallus return. "Welcome back, Gal!"

Gallus turned his attention to his mother, "hey ma. You didn't tell me you'd be having a guest over- well, guests when counting Sandbar" he cocked his head curiously with an inquisitive tone.

"Ah, yes. Well.. There's something I've been.. meaning to tell you about.. For awhile.." Fluttershy said sheepishly, looking just as such with her head down and one leg across the other.

Blossomforth stood up, attempting to shake off her nerves as she approached the griffon. She stood there blankly as he stared her up and down.


As Sandbar caught Blossom's eye, he motioned for her to smile, to which she did. She smiled awkwardly, eyes watching anything other than who stood before her as she tried to form a sentence in her head.

At this point, Gallus was starting to get a little agitated. What was going on, and why was it taking to long for them to tell him?

Fluttershy covered her mouth, picturing every possible scenario where the greeting wouldn't turn out so well. This confused Gallus even more.

Blossomforth cleared her throat, Gallus' attention turning back to her. His annoyed expression was still not lifted.

"I'm B-Blossomforth, Gallus.."

Gallus nodded, "is it hard for you to pronounce your name? Or is there more going on here?"

"Ah… uh.."

Fluttershy realised it wasn't fair of her to make Blossom be the one to say it, so she decided she would do it herself.

"Gallus, honey" Gallus turned his head to face Fluttershy. "…Blossomforth.. She and I… We-we're dating."

Gallus raised an eyebrow, "okayy..?"

Fluttershy continued, dreading how things might go down after what she'd say next. "We've been dating for awhile now, and.. She-.. She's going to be your step mother- IF IF IF you'd accept that"

Blossomforth nodded shakily.

Gallus stood silently, slowly turning back to Blossom.

"I.. don't really get a say in this. But, just so we're clear, I'm not calling you my mother. And you're not gonna win me over with bribery." He made his way to the staircase and ascended.

Well, it could have gone worse, right?


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Oof I forgot Blossomforth's markings.


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