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Sunset Shimmer as Kevin.
Kiwi Lollipop as Harry.
Supernova Zap as Marv.
Pinkie Pie as The Bird Lady.
safe1557938 edit114846 edited screencap54103 screencap195460 kiwi lollipop350 sunset shimmer56771 supernova zap319 equestria girls177712 equestria girls series28058 sunset's backstage pass!2008 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11476 berry42 cherry891 clothes402253 cloud26681 day658 exclamation point3319 eyelashes4458 female882078 food59538 gate146 grass7976 holding2406 home alone75 home alone 2: lost in new york53 ice cream truck18 impact font1296 jacket10557 k-lo247 leather882 leather jacket2893 looking163 looking at you141017 music festival outfit525 offscreen character28833 outdoors7282 postcrush207 shirt20663 sky11528 stars13139 su-z241 t-shirt3467 text edit1050 tree26942 truck738 vehicle550 wall675 wall of tags2250 woman358


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