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Base: www.deviantart.com/melodysweet… by: MelodySweetheart

I had seen other drawings of them as ponies and I wanted to make my version and also this was different because i made this in FireAlpaca totally!

Smolder and Gallus are pegasus.
Ocellus and Silverstream are unicorns.
Yona and Sandbar are earth ponies.

I hope you liked it! Bye!
safe (1522201) artist:andrealaloka2006 (2) artist:melodysweetheart (33) gallus (5352) ocellus (4204) sandbar (4348) silverstream (4945) smolder (6024) yona (4191) earth pony (179242) pegasus (221140) pony (796795) unicorn (242717) she's all yak (1021) base used (13411) bracelet (7377) disguise (3664) disguised changeling (2113) ear piercing (19656) earring (16464) eyes closed (75558) freckles (23709) gradient background (10215) jewelry (45975) necklace (13999) not scootaloo (51) piercing (32223) ponified (36991) pony gallus (2) pony ocellus (42) pony pyramid (36) pony yona (89) simple background (324177) smiling (202196) species swap (17395) student six (1352)


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Jonny Manz
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Y’know, the races make sense — Yona and Sandbar as Earth ponies is obvious, Smolder and Gallus as Pegasi because they can fly (and don’t really have a magical component), and Ocellus and Silverstream as unicorns because they have that magical component in their transformations (even if Silverstream’s isn’t innate).
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Background Pony #FC07
There's a little things missing here:
Silverstream doesn't have her wings.
Ocellus is forgetting her wings.