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Anthro practice!

I dunno about you guys, but lounging in pajamas with a drink is the highlight of my evening most of the time.

I'm lowkey super proud of it because I'm very not-great with both anthros and humanoids, and it's something I really want to eventually get into. So knowing I can pull this off makes me happy >v<

Also, enjoy two of my favorite plushies because I like soft things c':
safe1558379 artist:sharxz14 oc595837 oc:serene shores6 anthro226602 unguligrade anthro42289 unicorn258918 alcohol5981 armpits41299 clothes402424 colored17412 couch6958 curved horn5647 ear piercing21002 earring17463 fangs21646 female882437 flat colors1716 horn40841 industrial piercing35 jewelry49356 lounging225 midriff18020 multicolored hair4098 necklace14827 pajamas2916 piercing34051 plushie21628 relaxing1182 simple background338956 solo961608 sports bra2571 transparent background176670 unicorn oc3940


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