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The Crossover Game We All Want & Need, My Little Resident Evil 2 Friendship Is Magic The 2019 Remake. (Update)


Twilight Sparkle as Claire Redfield
Flash Sentry as Leon Scott Kennedy
Fizzlepop Berrytwist aka Tempest Shadow as Ada Wong
Starlight Glimmer as Annette Birkin
Sunset Shimmer as Sherry Birkin
Sunburst as William Birkin
Gladmane as Brian Irons
Fleur-De-Lis as Katherine Warren
Fancy pants as Ben Bertolucci
Nightjar as Robert Kendo
Zippoorwhill as Emma Kendo
Flash Magnus as Marvin Branagh
Sky Stinger as Elliot Edward
Soarin' as Daniel Cortini
Doctor Caballeron as HUNK
Nogan aka "Pow (Character)" as Ghost
"Withers (Character)" as A. Kirkpatrick
Smooze as Tofu
Iron Will as Mr. X
Old Gummy as T-Virus Infected Alligator

Coming out when the fandom makes this ponified survival horror game crossover.
artist needed25053 source needed13140 safe1559111 edit114941 edited edit2174 edited screencap54145 screencap195579 doctor caballeron609 fancypants1753 fizzlepop berrytwist8492 flash magnus701 flash sentry11996 fleur-de-lis3325 gladmane147 gummy4788 iron will1291 nightjar38 rogue (character)126 sky stinger469 smooze820 soarin'13267 starlight glimmer43159 sunburst5693 sunset shimmer56825 tempest shadow15168 twilight sparkle280286 withers126 zippoorwhill364 alligator625 earth pony192010 minotaur890 pegasus233698 pony829939 reptile72 unicorn259154 a matter of principals964 a rockhoof and a hard place755 daring don't995 dragonshy818 equestria girls177852 equestria girls series28096 filli vanilli1098 forgotten friendship4587 make new friends but keep discord1889 my little pony: the movie17553 putting your hoof down704 rarity investigates1066 season 1514 season 2297 season 3428 season 42042 season 5585 season 6292 season 7336 season 8808 season 9595 spring breakdown2291 stranger than fan fiction991 the last problem4015 top bolt763 uncommon bond757 spoiler:s08762 spoiler:s09528 a. kirkpatrick2 abs8957 ada wong18 angry23584 animal3247 annette birkin2 armor21369 beard3162 ben bertolucci2 bipedal30176 bowtie8446 brian irons2 broken horn12628 building2063 button826 canterlot4863 capcom233 cape8838 car5369 claire redfield20 clothes402655 collar28301 cracked horn77 cropped42907 crossover56475 cutie mark39766 daniel cortini2 daughter534 desk2817 disturbed164 door3554 drapes73 elliot edward2 emma kendo2 eye scar4399 eyebrows2317 eyelashes4463 facial hair4854 family3968 father526 father and child297 father and daughter2206 fedora797 female882973 filly58551 floppy ears46066 flower21760 food59602 frown21400 game3221 gas mask1002 ghost (resident evil)1 glasses54068 goggles13116 grand galloping gala505 grass7989 gritted teeth10161 guard armor73 gun14428 hat75303 helmet9768 henchmen280 high res20908 horn40900 hunk24 id card47 indoors1786 infected73 jewelry49420 katherine warren2 lab coat1984 lamp2231 las pegasus130 leon s. kennedy47 listening272 log620 logo3223 looking at you141192 looking up13826 looking up at you111 male300037 man127 mare406073 mask5300 messy mane6876 military grade equipment7 mocking200 mohawk669 monocle943 mother2148 mother and child799 mother and daughter4938 moustache2729 mr x5 my little pony1928 my little pony logo3316 narrowed eyes688 necklace14840 necktie6085 nose piercing2205 office772 offspring33749 older22637 older gummy20 outdoors7302 parent518 parent and child18 parent and foal14 party horn478 pet1783 piercing34090 police1056 police officer646 police uniform418 ponyville4935 ponyville train station20 reaction image9164 resident evil341 resident evil 222 resident evil 2 remake9 resident evil logo4 ring2126 robe3047 robert kendo3 royal guard6995 scar10277 scarf20841 screaming2902 seat155 sherry birkin11 shield1953 shirt20696 sideburns197 skull2638 speakers635 spread wings47009 stage2650 stallion90762 standing9824 sugarcube corner1906 sunburst's glasses233 sunburst's robe288 sunglasses12786 t-shirt3475 tiara2943 tofu (food)17 tofu (resident evil)1 top hat3668 train station325 trenchcoat545 tyrant33 tyrant (resident evil)7 uniform9129 update98 vest3417 walking3981 wall of tags2253 water pump2 weapon26825 william birkin5 window7108 wings72708 woman358 wonderbolt trainee uniform1138 wonderbolts3361 wonderbolts logo78 wonderbolts uniform5331 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2230


not provided yet


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16 comments posted

@Background Pony #008D
Hey had an idea recently about writing an EQG/RE story. The premise was re-imagining the events of Legend of Everfree as a RE type event. Was hoping for an outside opinion on some of the ideas I had for it. How would you feel about giving me feed back?
Background Pony #2CD7
Yeah, i know. I also like Soarin, to be honest it was kinda hard to put him in that role, but i thought a heroes death would be a nice way to honnor how great Soarin is.

Nope i am very sorry to tell you that i don't have any such plans at all.
After i have done My Little Resident Evil 3 Friendship Is Magic The 2020 Remake, i am planing to do My Little Resident Evil 7 Friendship Is Magic 2017. Then i am waiting for more Remakes or RE-8 to come out.
The reason being that, enses the canon validity of the old RE-Titles is now in question because the Remakes throws a wrench into the canon wheel & i don't want all the work to be invain if the Remakes throws my work for a loop.

@Background Pony #008D
The rest of your choices are pretty good, though I wouldn't have put used Soarin for a role that gets killed off early(I kinda like him)

Also do you any ideas RE4? Cause I honestly think Tempest would've made a great Krauser(they're very similar), Or maybe Lightning Dust.
Background Pony #2CD7
Yes Shining Armor is Chris & Sombra is indeed Wesker.

I have the spot of Luster Dawn open for future use, the reason that i used Sunset Shimmer for Sherry Birkin is that i think that Adlut RE 6 Sherry & Reformed Shimmer is pretty much like eachother.

Yes i do have more ideas for future recasting, but i am waiting for the Resident Evil 3 Remake so i could do it first, then i will do Reaident Evil 7, i am only planing to do these sort of thing for the the Resident Evils that uses the RE-7 2-Remake & 3-Remake engien, please stick around.

Also what did you think of the rest of the recasts?

Twilight as Clair makes sense(and I'm guessing Shining Armor is Chris, would that make Sombra Wesker?)

I can definitely see Flash as Leon(they're both heroic dorks)

Sunburst and starlight as the Birkens is a pretty good choice, but I would use Luster Dawn as their daughter(I'm one of the people with that headcannon)

Tempest would probably work for Ada, but personally would use Sunset. Flashimmer is my OTP.

Do you have any ideas for recasting other RE games?
Artist -

Ashton (painter)
I don't know enough Resident Evil to guess, this would a better question for my boyfriend, Zed001, who does play it heavily or DarkNekoGami.