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“I was very impressed by your latest pieces. You say these red gems will absorb magic?”

Rarity fizzled with excitement- the Queen liked her work! If she wasn’t such a dignified lady, she might’ve squealed with pleasure. Even so, she couldn’t keep the smile from spreading across her face as she said, “Well, not all magic…but they should be able to absorb a good amount and dampen any spell thrown your way. Too much and they’ll shatter, but it’s easy enough to replace.”

“Astounding…I didn’t realize gemstones could hold so much power. In any case, I am very interested in commissioning a full set of battle armor. Would you be up to the task?”

Rarity nearly stumbled over her own hooves as the words met her ears, “Of course, darling! It would be an honor!” She realized a second too soon what she said and her eyes widened, “Oh dear- I meant Your Majesty…I was caught up in the moment.” She paused to bow but a hoof stayed her.

She titled her head up to meet Celestia’s gaze, brow crinkled with worry but the Queen gave a half smile. That in of itself was rare.

“Darling? No one’s called me that in centuries.” The smile grew marginally wider, “Hm…I rather like that.”

Rarity felt heat rush to her face as the queen turned her head coyly away and continued down the hall. Had that truly just happened?


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #4F27
Thank you for the quick reply!
the little snippets will continue!

Happy to hear that!
The setting looks really interesting so it would be a shame to never see the whole story be told, even if only in form of those snippets. They already do a good job of teasing the plot (not to mention I really dig the artstyle).
Background Pony #4F27
I like how, despite her condition, Celestia still has her warm, friendly charm. Rarity's alternate hairstyle also suits her nicely.

Loving those little lore bits in the descriptions of those AU pictures.
I tried to look if there's a fanfic or a story in any form posted somewhere, but to no avail. I did find Lulu's comment that "It thankfully has a happy ending", indicating that it has a set ending, but that's it.
Did I missed something or is it not done yet/won't go further than those tidbits in the descriptions accompanying artwork set in that universe?