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Originally posted on: Sep 27, 2018  
アースポニー 女性
safe1973851 artist:omegapony16681 oc837873 oc only615399 oc:oriponi422 pony1326027 armor27680 axe1956 battle axe240 bipedal43847 braid7927 eyepatch3590 female1605627 frown28847 hoof hold10908 mare619533 scar14494 simple background502915 solo1270223 text76243 translated in the description1394 unshorn fetlocks36437 weapon36684 white background130644


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This is Oriponi
Ridea Chrome
Arspony female
Nightmare Guard Attacker
She is so physique that she does not seem to be a woman, and possesses enough power to do hard work. He is good at kicking enemies with his favorite two-handed ax.
His favorite food is Salmiyatsuki, and he always carries it.
CM is three axes
From where Rockheuf was once
It looks like this and is good at sewing
I will charge you while shouting