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Anonymous requested:

Can I request some flutterdashpie please? Or some Ditzydash? :> thankyou!

YOU SURE CAN ANON, & I’ll have you know that you have Fantastic Taste
flutterdashpie I can see is a pure bundle of sweetness & ditzydash is just quite honestly a guilty pleasure of mine & I thank you Very Much
happy saturday !!!
safe1579098 artist:hyperfixatins22 artist:pillsburries22 fluttershy198238 pinkie pie203583 rainbow dash219796 earth pony200193 pegasus240756 chonk18 chubbie pie407 chubby12693 chubby cheeks3109 chubby dash32 chubbyshy115 cuddling7854 cuteness overload150 fat19989 fattershy1053 female902104 flutterdashpie78 heart eyes14058 lesbian92338 ms paint5937 polyamory6170 pudgy pie1384 rainblob dash723 scrunchy face6826 shipping184418 snuggling6477 underhoof46980 wingding eyes19230


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