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Base by adamsadopts

She drew 5 of my next gen, I drawn hers, hope you like it! I'm not that good of doing effects as you are XD

I love your next gen <3 XD Sorry if I got bits wrong, I tend to do long manes XD

Left to right: Melody Apple, FlutterMac. Shimmer Star, FlashLight. Chimi Cherry Changa, CheesePie. Speedy Blue, SoarinDash. Rainy Twist, SoarinDash

My next gen she drew: https://www.deviantart.com/soarindash10/art/Art-trade-594984351
safe (1520313) artist:adamsadopts (4) artist:soarindash889 (1) oc (583570) oc only (392462) pony (796827) base used (13367) big smile (104) cute (166778) cutie mark (37832) earth pony oc (1711) looking at you (134662) offspring (31905) parent:big macintosh (2396) parent:cheese sandwich (1516) parent:flash sentry (2404) parent:fluttershy (3725) parent:pinkie pie (3379) parent:rainbow dash (4698) parent:soarin' (2063) parent:twilight sparkle (6795) parents:cheesepie (1309) parents:flashlight (2070) parents:fluttermac (972) parents:soarindash (1559) pegasus oc (3220) ponies standing next to each other (187) scar (9737) simple background (324243) smiling (201839) trade (91) unicorn oc (3157)


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