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Another version of the drawing made as a retro photography
safe1588621 alternate version36058 artist:amishy134 oc610599 oc:bandy cyoot156 oc:jerry alton8 earth pony206549 hybrid15488 pony860377 raccoon477 raccoon pony117 admiration49 admiring34 asphalt25 belt4806 big ears775 black stripe7 blue1169 building2185 bush2342 canines32 chimney269 clothes415561 date787 ears407 ears up185 electric pole9 eye1472 eyebrows2468 eyelashes5093 eyes1832 facial hair5089 female1230882 glasses55354 goatee1303 grass8458 gray coat245 green eyes3566 hair1406 happy28091 hedge90 hooves16467 jacket11044 lamppost316 letterman jacket59 light1308 lighting346 lines40 long hair male37 loose hair1674 love4468 male331438 mare427848 mask5632 multicolored hair4474 muzzle420 nose161 nostrils426 open smile10 orange872 pants12587 patch398 plaid shirt227 pocket143 purple sky62 rain5621 raised eyebrows106 reflection2889 retro352 saddle oxfords3 shading1531 shine124 shipping184839 shirt21743 shoelace6 shoes31112 short tail827 sidewalk219 skirt36240 smiling218697 snout79 soft130 stallion94617 stars13873 steeple7 striped tail20 stripes996 sun5973 sunset4729 tan192 telephone pole53 together50 treble clef53 two toned mane1005 water11704 white pony56 white stripes6 window7483 yellow328 yellow eyes1587 yellow shirt9 zipper701


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