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The way genealogists have adapted to creating family trees including herds is to only branch off from the mare, here is an example

EDIT (because I'm a big dumb dumb and used all my braincells making this): This was made using a base by :iconowl-clockwork:
safe1558187 artist:minsona35 applejack157427 bow hothoof890 bright mac1109 cloudy quartz1198 cookie crumbles897 fluttershy196013 gentle breeze283 hondo flanks466 igneous rock pie809 night light1951 pear butter2352 pinkie pie201626 posey shy998 rainbow dash217470 rarity168234 twilight sparkle280165 twilight velvet3767 windy whistles1812 oc595727 oc:astral fluff2 oc:blueberry muffin15 oc:cherry cider2 oc:iridescent hue2 oc:lasting legacy3 oc:lightning bug15 oc:pastel macaroon2 oc:plum syrup2 oc:purple skies14 oc:rainy day22 oc:ruby apple5 oc:scattered light4 oc:strawberry harvest2 oc:watermelon syrup2 alicorn191586 family tree297 female882292 lesbian91442 magical lesbian spawn10452 mane six29047 next generation5958 offspring33712 omniship201 parent:applejack3190 parent:fluttershy3946 parent:pinkie pie3522 parent:rainbow dash4902 parent:rarity3470 parent:twilight sparkle7137 polyamory6046 shipping181836 siblings5709 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113910


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