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safe1601631 artist:badumsquish1833 derpibooru exclusive24927 oc617429 oc only413007 oc:mr. twister2 original species22209 pony870236 robot7117 robot pony3170 roomba pony11 button838 charging95 charging pad5 colt13563 eufy robovac2 grin34034 happy28451 male338933 open mouth127695 outlet34 roomba112 sitting56672 smiling221375 solo993167 vacuum33 vacuum cleaner188


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60 comments posted
Background Pony #64E5
no one ever imagines they would want to hug a vacuum cleaner

then budum comes along with his adorable art :)
Background Pony #3035
Talking about room as actually reminds me of the different things people have done to them. One guy made one that screams, someone else made one that flies, and someone made a roomba that has a gun and can fight back against people who abuse it.

Everybody wants to be a gangsta 'til Claymore Roomba comes around the corner.