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The young colt was so excited and happy to finally be able to meet Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles in reality…but they never showed up. Waiting all day, and going home unhappy. He ended up crying over it for the rest of the night. Hours passed and he felt no better. One of those hours lead to a spark, a spark that gave him…a cutie mark? That only made him cry more. There was no way that was in any way good. He cried so much that his eyes, nose, and mouth started hurting, his younger brother made fun of him for crying, that only made him cry even more. Eventually he managed to fall asleep in between tears.

The next day he was still feeling sad, and sore from crying so much, but the one thing on his mind then was, why now? Why did he get his cutie mark now? Was it for crying? It felt a bit, early, unearned, not ready. Why is it an umbrella? What does it mean?

Based on an event explained in this video. I watched this video when it came out and I was like, mid 90s, UK, Sonic, like, dude, that is the perfect timespan for backstory stuff with him, so I decided to integrate it into his EQG counterpart's backstory as the moment he lost faith in the world, so I also extended it to his pony version as well, along with getting his cutie mark.

Did he get it for crying? Is his talent being sad? Well, yes and no. I always joked that his talent was 'raining on his own parade' and that's also only somewhat true. In reality, he got his cutie mark when he first discovered a big event that left him devastated and depressed, not because of the feelings, but because of what it made him realize, life sucks, it screws you over. He doesn't understand this for quite some time, but the creative endeavors this event eventually instills upon him that he will continue through into adulthood are what shape him from then on. He goes from a pretty innocent happy colt to a more melancholy jaded colt that grows into bitterness and sarcasm as he ages. It's not all bad, as his creativity poured into multiple things is what he enjoys, and it helps him to release negative feelings, and in turn it eventually helps others too.

A life changing event that sets the course for the rest of his life (and eventually, unlife) all because of a few silly Sonic mascot costumes at a young age. Yep.
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I thought when seeing the thumbnail: He's sad because he got bullied for liking sonic, but sonic pictures are downvoted a lot.
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