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Commissioned Noblebrony to draw.

Uploaded with permission.

Tidal Reef is a giant Orca-Pony. She makes her home in the South Luna Ocean, where her days are all about eating and sleeping, she couldn't ask for a better life. These feeding habits however, have resulted in many a Pony who swim in her waters to be accidentally sent down her gullet. Although not even she knows that this happens and she lives her life without a care in the world.
Hope you enjoy.-Noblebrony
suggestive130715 artist:noblebrony31738 oc615575 oc:tidal reef7 orca173 orca pony367 original species22124 bracelet8207 color palette396 eye1484 implied spitfire46 implied vore914 inside stomach117 internal3854 jewelry53855 macro10101 mawshot1316 one eye closed26505 open mouth127184 reference sheet10859 rugae29 size comparison640 stomach732 stomach acid643 stomach walls80 wink22325


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i'm ugly and im proud:,)
@Background Pony #8482
It's a lot harder to differentiate between textures under water, and ponies don't tend so swim out far enough to enter her feeding grounds so she tends not to pay attention to what her food happens to feel like. Unfortunately for the ponies, its not to uncommon for riptides to carry them a pretty good distance from the shore.
Background Pony #1603
I absolutely love this Orca pony. I enjoyed it so much when the first two pictures were released a few days ago and I'm so glad to see there is a third. I really hope there will be more in the future

I will say though, I'm a bit skeptical that she'd truly be unaware that there's something much larger and furrier than a fish in her mouth. She's quite a bit bigger than a pony, sure, but the size comparisons in this picture make it look like a pony is close to the biggest thing she could swallow. So it kind of seems like she'd feel that there's something a bit different in her mouth than just a school of fish, then swallow it all anyways because she's sure her stomach can handle it anyways and because she doesn't want to spit out the fish. I'm sure that pelicans, seals, sharks and dolphins who are caught up in her way are also swallowed just the same, so it makes sense that she wouldn't think anything of a pony in her mouth. Ponies probably feel like seals anyways.

This line about "many a pony" being "sent down her gullet" has me intrigued. I'd like to see drawings of her other misadventures