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Originally posted on: December 13, 2012
Pony doodles! Just because. I felt like drawing White Lightning some more, my ponified oc made for the Fallout: Equestria universe. Drew her in slavery too, just because that’s how she met ~MisterMech / mech-maker's OC Diamond Deluxe who freed her and afterwards allowed her to stay at her casino and work for her.

Drew the raider who owned her before that too. Just because I wanted to see if I could design a raider. Acer, A sharpshooting raider who’s used to get what he aims for. Even if he has to use cheap tricks to get it.

Enjoy random doodleness
safe (1524372) artist:ravenpuff (961) oc (574399) oc only (393872) oc:white lightning (7) earth pony (180082) pegasus (222102) pony (799339) fallout equestria (14720) bag (3107) card (2586) collar (27249) earth pony oc (1830) female (848980) frog (hoof) (9167) gag (12622) graph paper (964) grayscale (34000) horseshoes (1992) leash (6471) looking back (46433) male (289013) mare (388582) monochrome (142587) pegasus oc (3344) presenting (20764) raised hoof (36577) rope gag (93) saddle bag (4984) speech (3129) stallion (86446) traditional art (105179) underhoof (45043) wings (65749)


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