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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Whilst during bad weather and troubled times, the young human prince and his pegasus mare maid explore the castle in a attempt to thwart recent tragedy. Will the young prince be able to handle himself during these troubled times when his parents are in a time of great suffering. Will the king and queen survive their life threatening ordeal.

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Done by the amazing :iconcandyclumsy:
safe1558176 artist:candyclumsy536 cloudy quartz1198 posey shy998 twilight velvet3767 windy whistles1812 oc595722 oc:earthing elements44 oc:heartstrong flare50 oc:princess mythic majestic55 oc:tommy the human358 alicorn191582 human140175 pegasus233406 pony829242 comic:sick days32 alicorn oc21572 canterlot4862 canterlot castle1724 child1821 clothes402343 comic100282 commissioner:bigonionbean1282 flashback940 fusion4339 fusion:earthing elements43 fusion:heartstrong flare50 fusion:princess mythic majestic61 grandparent and grandchild moment37 grooming280 hat75258 human oc367 knitting126 lightning2789 maid5204 preening606 riding5047 sad22460 spectacles111 thought bubble2935 throne room899 writer:bigonionbean1039


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