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Originally posted on: August 4, 2016
And here we see another part of Dream's Empire. Commander Twilight is commanding two drones at the moment, drones who used to be Vinyl and Octavia. As mindless worktools, they merely obey the commands of their superiors, having no other desires, feelings, or thoughts. They are the perfect slaves in the Empire. Right now, Twilight is preparing the army with weapons. A new campaign shall happen soon! All glory to Queen Dream!

Drawn by skyspeardw
safe (1522240) artist:skyspeardraw (373) dj pon-3 (27604) octavia melody (21804) twilight sparkle (274204) vinyl scratch (31699) anthro (218862) unguligrade anthro (40919) unicorn (242730) biohazard sign (5) box (4028) camouflage (534) clothes (387378) crossed arms (3875) gloves (16040) grin (31084) latex (9700) latex boots (430) latex gloves (1128) latex suit (2743) mind control (2876) missile (242) smiling (202207) unicorn twilight (10060)


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