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Originally posted on: January 1, 2017
And here we see our lovely brainwashed Rarity dressing up Fleur de Lis in a proper, latex uniform while her sister watches and studies her older sister working, so that she, eventually, can take over. Of course, all belong to their Mistress Dream and they wouldn't want to have it any other way.

Drawn by skyspeardw
safe (1521115) artist:skyspeardraw (373) fleur-de-lis (3236) rarity (164873) sweetie belle (45669) anthro (218644) unguligrade anthro (40873) unicorn (242302) breasts (225170) camouflage (534) clothes (386930) featureless breasts (2097) gloves (16010) glowing horn (15380) hat (72079) horn (35833) latex (9681) latex boots (429) latex gloves (1125) latex suit (2735) magic (62468) mannequin (951) mind control (2875) mirror (4431) older (21483) older sweetie belle (1595) reflection (2659) swirly eyes (1901) telekinesis (23137)


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