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hey guys it's February 25th and it's Mardi Gras day so here's Mario with his friends Luigi Twilight Sparkle Kirby Sunset Shimmer Sonic the Hedgehog Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Rarity and the Winx Club fairies Bloom Aisha Roxy Stella and Tecna in their onyrix forms Happy Mardi Gras day guys
i used this background: Sugarcube corner — close up
i used these renders: First Render for 2020 Luigi Crossing His Arms Mario Exquisite Render Kirby Render
i used these vectors: Antifaz-03 Corona-carnaval-2019 Mlp Fim twilight sparkle (happy) vector Vector #415 — Rainbow Dash #53 Let's Party!!! MLP Vector — Sunset Shimmer #1 Flutter with smile Vector #290 — Rarity #12 Bloom Onirix Aisha Onirix 2D Stella Onirix 2D Roxy Onirix 2D Tecna Onirix 2D
and i add the wings: UNRESTRICTED — Dragonfly Fairy Wings Render Flora Believix Wings butterfly wings Pre Butterlix wings f2u
safe1554804 artist:andoanimalia526 artist:dashiesparkle1415 artist:jhayarr23951 artist:kooner-cz277 artist:luckreza8734 artist:user15432863 fluttershy195710 pinkie pie201322 rainbow dash217144 rarity167861 sunset shimmer56593 twilight sparkle279714 alicorn190797 butterfly6195 earth pony190240 fairy761 hedgehog303 human139747 pegasus232209 pony826009 unicorn257097 aisha46 bloom (winx club)80 butterfly wings412 crossover56333 crown13465 fairies66 fairies are magic85 fairy wings391 female878866 flower21635 hat74577 holiday15686 jewelry48971 kirby699 kirby (character)392 kirby pie44 layla48 luigi654 luigidash42 luigishy108 male298880 mardi gras35 maridash127 mario1470 mario & luigi140 mario & sonic60 mario and sonic57 mariopie113 marioshy58 mask5266 necklace14728 nintendo3240 onyrix18 ponyville4917 rainbow s.r.l202 regalia15681 roxy (winx club)19 sega705 sonic the hedgehog2850 sonic the hedgehog (series)6981 sonicdash310 stella (winx club)52 sugarcube corner1903 super mario bros.3491 super smash bros.1036 tecna52 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113676 wings71824 winx33 winx club296 world of winx20


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