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Solaria never knew how to fly very well, so Spitfire always cared about it. On the only day Spitfire wasn't keeping an eye on Solaria, the little pegasus decides to fly without an adult's permission and ends up falling from a huge height.

This image is after Spitfire saved Solaria, after all her daughter has always been her little ray of sunshine.
safe (1526105) artist:alari1234-bases (25) artist:littsandy (20) spitfire (12535) oc (575375) oc:solaria (279) pegasus (222765) pony (801054) base used (13564) eyeshadow (12132) female (850957) filly (56895) makeup (16398) mother and child (484) mother and daughter (4673) offspring (32141) parent:fire streak (83) parent:spitfire (346) parents:spitstreak (9) two toned mane (759) two toned wings (1274) wings (66057)


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