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“Ah- and these are my favorite flowers,” Celestia said, pausing before a bed of delicate butter-yellow blossoms, their petals curling toward the sun. Rarity stood astride the Princess, eyes sparkling with delight as she studied them closely.

“They’re simply beautiful! What are they called?” Rarity asked although she knew the answer. Anything to stall the end of Celestia’s garden tour- the two had been here for the better part of an hour. Celestia recited the names and uses for the dozens of plants and flowers that decorated the royal courtyard and Rarity clung to her every word, drinking them in as if they were honeyed.

Celestia almost looked embarrassed as she replied, “They’re known as daystars,” She glanced at Rarity who met her gaze shyly and nodded. “They are quite beautiful…” Her voiced wavered ever so marginally as she went on, “Named for me- for the sun’s radiant beauty.” She let the sentence drop and a hoof rose towards her face out of habit, only to come slamming back down with a sharp clop against the pavement. A silence fell over the pair as Celestia stared down into the flower bed, but only for a heartbeat.

Celestia’s head turned slowly a she felt something brush her ear. Rarity feigned innocence as she tucked one of the blossoms snugly behind one of the Princess’s ears, “Whoever named them did so aptly- but…I might have to disagree.” Her eyes flickered toward Celestia’s face and she gave a gentle smile, “Their beauty only matches a portion of the radiant sun herself.”
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Background Pony #4FF5
If I had to be in a forced relationship with Rarity I would be broken too.
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@Background Pony #93BE
In this AU Celestia never banishes Nightmare Moon because their power is too evenly matched and elements of harmony are never found to turn the tide.
Also Nightmare Moon cursed Celestia with a slow acting magical blight which very slowly saps her power.

Check out the "Champion AU" tag for more lore if you feel like.
Background Pony #AA48
Did they broke Celestia into pieces when she was turned to stone and then glue her back together in this AU? :3