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semi-grimdark27566 alternate version32449 artist:n0kkun175 oc593255 oc only403982 oc:fukimo gen11 pony826041 unicorn257113 bag3275 bandage5047 blood22205 boots18268 bottle3437 clothes400664 combat medic46 crying39488 curved horn5624 female878921 flask303 goggles13102 grenade397 gun14372 helmet9292 holster349 horn40389 katana806 mare403921 medic1082 military1543 mud2205 pants11841 pouch297 purple background2293 raised hoof37863 reference sheet10347 sad22394 saddle bag5094 shirt20575 shoes28950 simple background337522 solo958773 submachinegun279 sword10450 weapon26708 world war ii624


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