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As we turn back the time once again, we find Pinkie Pie and the Crusaders out on the soccer field…

"But what's a conversionist?"
"I'm not sure…"

Phew! Nearly left out our favorite party planner ^^;

"You sure did! How could you forget to invite Pinkie Pie to the party?!"

Sorry Pinkie ^^; Whoopsie~!

"Daww~! I can't stay mad at you. I'm just glad you remembered me."

Thirteenth follow-up to this

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safe1555757 artist:bbbhuey136 artist:cloudyglow1837 artist:dashiesparkle edit36 artist:epiccartoonsfan16 artist:flutterguy31768 artist:frownfactory629 artist:illumnious633 artist:jhayarr23952 artist:lahirien122 artist:lilcinnamon54 artist:luckreza8735 artist:mlp-mayhem4 artist:ocarina0ftimelord164 artist:peachspices50 artist:powerpuncher39 artist:ready2fail35 artist:sakatagintoki11792 artist:siaphra5 artist:silentmatten192 artist:sketchmcreations1519 artist:socsocben5 artist:spier17124 artist:takua770103 artist:tardifice572 artist:thatguy1945152 artist:tomfraggle256 artist:yetioner82 artist:zanderals3 apple bloom46193 pinkie pie201422 scootaloo48824 sweetie belle46284 earth pony190592 pegasus232507 pony826915 unicorn257686 comic:the big whoopsie17 equestria girls177486 :s153 absurd resolution63688 bored1346 bouncing3788 clenched teeth289 comic100056 cupcake4847 cutie mark crusaders17533 dialogue58872 equestria girls ponified4001 excited2537 eyes closed78425 fanfic reference4 female880017 filly58402 floppy ears45922 food59377 fourth wall2122 grin32213 hair twitch2 happy27099 head tilt970 holding2393 human to pony1218 laughing6979 looking at each other15791 looking at you140606 magic64538 magical wave18 mare404378 messy hair761 on back22014 onomatopoeia3112 open mouth120425 part of a series2121 part of a set9236 pinkie sense154 ponified37777 pronking1030 puzzled60 raised eyebrow6100 raised hoof37930 rearing5081 scared9126 show accurate10124 sitting53823 smiling209914 soccer field131 sound effects1518 speech bubble20065 spread wings46810 standing9775 story included7554 talking to viewer2000 the conversion bureau55 transformation9588 uvula1507 vector70578 wavy mouth3272 wings72050 worried3338


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Planeswalker — FoME
I am not comfortable with where Sweetie might be going with this…

Also, this raises the question of how human cutie marks even work. How do they know?