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Zootopia is turning 4 in 4 more days and I thought I do another MLP x Zootopia Crossover art with it.

And I done a Similar kind of Crossover art style with Sweetie Belle and Button Mash here

Might Do more on MLP x Zootopia but stay tuned.

Logo by marmelmm

Tempest and Twilight by me.

My little Pony is owned by Hasbro Studio and Toy Company

Zootopia is owned by Walt Disney Studio
safe1706356 artist:ejlightning007arts1015 tempest shadow16788 twilight sparkle300330 alicorn224425 unicorn323323 bipedal34568 broken horn13818 clothes459590 crossover62240 female1363060 hawaiian shirt438 horn67256 judy hopps245 lesbian96975 magic73269 nick wilde146 phone6238 police uniform485 shipping200249 shirt24921 telekinesis27728 tempestlight3542 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123663 zootopia331


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