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safe1556977 artist:delfinaluther51 discord28442 fluttershy195900 zephyr breeze2069 draconequus8615 pegasus232976 pony828088 angry23506 bust39377 cheek fluff4232 chest fluff31602 colored sketch2487 ear fluff22603 eyes closed78548 female881185 lidded eyes24763 male299556 mare405088 open mouth120592 pinpoint eyes74 portrait28118 raised hoof38072 sharp teeth3124 sheepish grin265 signature18286 simple background338389 stallion90547 sweat22445 sweatdrop2221 teeth7597 three quarter view1043 trio7122 white background84968


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Monde de merde
You're welcome. When I noticed that some but not all of it had made it here, I thought to myself: "why not?" and there you go. :)
Of course, if you'd rather upload yourself from now on, just say the word (your recent International Women's Day picture, that I noticed isn't up yet, for example).

Oh WoW! My art, I didn't know that it's here. Thanks for posting it and thank you for credit me ;) UwU
I have to start posting my arts here too XD