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I made Spike’s head bigger. Does it look proportionate now?
Based on this:  
suggestive165318 artist:papadragon691452 rarity198028 spike85253 anthro300452 3d95349 armpits44704 barbell283 beefspike432 breasts324539 comic119868 disproportional anatomy428 exercise778 female1538029 gigachad spike1101 glasses73642 leg day8 male435694 male nipples6460 muscles14810 muscular male1129 nipples198679 nudity430351 old master q505 older32410 older rarity831 older spike7514 parody16352 rarity's glasses696 reference4464 shipping222696 skinny legs6 source filmmaker56115 sparity7470 straight153590 top heavy17 weights859 workout890


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With a two handed barbell you also use your legs to lift it. Doing the exercise properly means lifting it off the ground which involves your legs for the most of it.
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Hey, just a quick note, Rarity doesn’t have to call him Spikey or Spikey Wikey all the time. She can just call him Spike.
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he looks like Johnny Bravo or the rest of the Teen Titans in that Teen Titans GO episode where they become Lady Legasus own group of heroes