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The title pretty much self explenatory~
Also, my type of wings is not made for hand mimicing.^^’’’’

safe2116048 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen1139 fleetfoot2607 lightning streak191 silver lining299 silver zoom299 soarin'16499 spitfire15425 surprise3127 pegasus470678 pony1477193 unicorn511810 g41642692 card3279 card game367 casino144 chest fluff61708 chips1018 clothes610845 drink8037 ear fluff47392 eyes closed133503 featured image1165 female1737820 fluffy18495 food97086 generic pony859 glass6501 las pegasus184 las vegas70 levitation15712 magic93663 male528699 mare701972 nervous8255 open mouth224801 playing1902 poker430 sexy43729 stallion183658 telekinesis37781 wing fluff2206 wing hands2851 wings207503 wonderbolts4312


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Background Pony #5A4D
Poor Soarin’ doesn’t have a poker face! Also, would’ve been cool if Fleetfoot had a slight motion of her ear or something like that- a tell.
But still, fantastic art. This is the kind of thing you buy a physical print from an artist and put on your wall.
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Not a very good pokerface you have Soarin’. Spitfire has every right to be so self-assured, she got a Full House apparently.  
I love how you’ve done their wings.