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Ever since being unleashed she has traveled from beach to beach, inflating herself and hurling herself at innocent ponies for really no reason other than just being a complete jerk :D

Her taking someone down on the beach:
safe1555113 artist:badumsquish1898 derpibooru exclusive23798 oc593414 oc only404050 oc:poink7 ball pony11 balloonie pony243 beach ball pony7 inflatable pony347 object pony675 original species22705 pony826280 badumsquish strikes again116 ball2806 beach12438 beach ball1280 dreamworks face768 female879158 inflatable1638 inflatable toy487 living inflatable19 looking at you140447 mare404064 ocean5103 ponified37795 pool toy520 sand1831 smiling209742 smirk10642 smug4931 solo959002


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Background Pony #DF6C
This isn’t gaming related but it sure is a ponified something alright. You gotta love ponified objects, amiright? Good ol’ toilet pony.
Background Pony #DF6C
I’m genuinely getting reminded of Lola Pop from Arms with this one. Well more of her inflated ball-shaped body than her normal body.

In other news Arms reps are coming to Smash Bros, baby!
Background Pony #561D
I saw this out of order (squishing Shiny, encasing shiny, and then beach ball pony form), and it looks like she assimilated him to take his form. :o

I assume she probably doesn't have that ability, but who knows.

but I could imagine it happening with her to other species. Maybe those assimilated end up as beach ball ponies, too. XD
Background Pony #A345
Well, you've got lots of air inside you, so if you kiss her intake valve I guess she'll just have to take your air!
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@Background Pony #5869
To their credit, I'm not sure they could have convinced people that animated wasn't always for kids back then. At least not enough people for it to be commercially viable. Nowadays most adult fans of the stuff grew up with it rather than being introduced to it as adults :D

Not a bad prediction for someone who's never seen a lick of Sailor Moon, eh? I don't even know what the show is about, like I assume it's a He-Man / She-Ra sort of thing where a group of heroes fight the insane schemes of a group of villains, but I have no clue beyond that XD
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Pomegranates :P
@Background Pony #7B0F
@Background Pony #BBC2
Had to google it, but yeah. I'm actually legit surprised how close I got to that character; I've actually never seen Sailor Moon outside of bits of the English dub in passing back in like the 90s or whenever it was still on cable XD


Technically everything is a fetish :P

A beach ball pony who can inflate and deflate herself at will and gets off to hurling herself at ponies :P



Big loud things on poles
@Background Pony #5869
I’m not satisfied until I see something like gaming ponies. Ponies made from gaming stuff like controllers, consoles, keyboards, mice, monitors, headsets, towers, chairs, and desks. That’s when we can start to question if it’s too far