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This, but animated. She has to tease him if he can't even manage to push a beach ball off of him :D
safe1555133 artist:badumsquish1898 derpibooru exclusive23799 shining armor21558 oc593426 oc:poink7 ball pony11 balloonie pony243 beach ball pony7 inflatable pony347 object pony675 original species22705 pony826303 unicorn257243 animated90981 ball2806 beach12438 beach ball1280 bouncing3779 dreamworks face768 duo47820 female879170 frown21348 grin32173 gritted teeth10127 inflatable1638 inflation8058 living inflatable19 male298959 mare404073 ocean5103 pinned460 ponified37796 prone22899 sand1831 smiling209744 smirk10642 smug4931 solo959022 stallion90304 teasing3206


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Background Pony #C531
I getting a strange feeling that this is gonna be a beach related set… Are sirens fresh water or salt water creatures?